Lou (they/them) is a registered midwife, postgraduate health sciences student and childbirth educator based in New Zealand. 

They use digital art & infographics to provide evidence based, easy to digest information that is inclusive of the LGBTTQIA+ community, and anybody else navigating the spaces of pregnancy, birth, parenting, and postpartum. 

Products range in price for accessibility - art prints are listed at full price, while all educational resources are listed at a reduced price so that they are accessible to all income groups. Prints in Te Reo Māori are free, as Lou is pākehā, and this is not their language or culture to profit from. 

For information about commissions you can contact Lou at earthside.info@gmail.com

To learn about Lou's other work, receiving LGBT inclusive pregnancy care, and how to enrol in childbirth education classes that focus on autonomy, values based decision making, and information gathering, head to Empwr