Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Massage & Acupuncture

Lou is a registered midwife and an NZSTCM (NZ School of Traditional Chinese Medicine) qualified masseuse and acupuncturist specialising in pregnancy, labour, birth, and postpartum. Their clinic is in Grey Lynn, Auckland. 


What is pre-birth touch work?


A combination of massage, acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology, prenatal touch work aims to prepare your body to be in its most prepared for the birth of your baby. It works by stimulating energy along various meridian lines (nerve pathways) that help release hormones for labour, soften your cervix, tone your uterus, and bring baby into an optimal position. The intention is not to force your body into labour before it is ready, but to ready your body so that when you do go into labour your body will work as efficiently as possible.


I am trained in traditional Chinese massage and acupuncture. It is a deep tissue massage style, with reflexology and acupuncture incorporated into treatment to treat pregnancy specific concerns.


Labour and birth are huge physical feats. Think of it like running a marathon. You would normally train for weeks, if not months to prepare for a marathon - preparing for birth through positive touch work, stretching, and reflexology is like going for training runs. You are lovingly preparing your body the best you can to bring your baby into the world.


For the best results it is recommended that you have at least 3-4 sessions leading up to birth, beginning between 34-36 weeks of pregnancy. 


If you need to have your labour induced for any reason, and you have a date for induction booked, you can have an induction of labour treatment. Because induction of labour treatment is an intervention that is often effective, it is important that you only have this treatment if you have an induction date booked at the hospital.


I will always consult with your lead maternity carer if I have any queries or concerns.




“The massage from Lucy was amazing and left me feeling so relaxed and made pregnancy tension disappear. The amazing and helpful chats we had during the massage also helped me feel at ease with everything. I had a induction date booked which I wanted to avoid and I believe these massages and acupuncture helped my baby come 1 week before his due date and meant I avoided having to be induced. Will be recommending Lucy to anyone who is pregnant. – Kay


“Having a massage from Lucy was such a relief. It was a proper, pain relieving massage instead of just a gentle relaxation one. My hips hadn’t felt that comfortable since my first trimester and I slept better that week than I had all pregnancy.” - Elle


“I saw Lucy 4 times leading up to my induction date. She was so patient and knowledgeable and helped teach my partner pressure points we could use at home by ourselves. The real payoff came when I went for my induction and already had a soft open cervix, I gave birth only a few hours after the first dose of medicine. The midwives and doctors were all shocked at how quick it was, but were less shocked when I told them I’d had acupuncture every second day leading up to it.” - Jean


“Lucy attended our homebirth, quietly worked on pressure points with her hands and needles for a couple of hours, and then tiptoed off when our midwife arrived. When our midwife assessed Alysha she was fully dilated, but still so calm, we’ve raved about Lucy since then.”  - Zac




Early pregnancy Massage (from conception through to 34 weeks) - $110

Early pregnancy acupuncture (including for morning sickness) - $80


Single 60 minute late pregnancy massage & acupuncture  (from 34 weeks) - $120

Single 45 minute birth preparation acupuncture (34 weeks onwards) - $80

Single 45 minute induction of labour acupuncture session - $110

Single 60 minute postnatal relaxation massage - $120

Single parent and baby massage (half an hour each) - $120


(+ $10 for breech presentation, due to equipment used and provided)


Pre-birth package (from 34 weeks): $350

Includes 4 pre-birth touch-based sessions. 2 x hour long massage sessions and 2 x 40 minute acupuncture sessions. 


Parent and Baby package: $350

1 x pre-birth 60 minute massage

1 x pre-birth 40 minute acupuncture session

1 x postnatal relaxation massage

1 x infant massage session


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