NEW - Some of my parts - A book of poetry, prose, & self portraiture

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What began as an exploration of my queer body, developed into an exploration of my body across the course of my life. From infancy, and memories of the sensemaking of my body and what was expected of it through childhood, adolescence, mental illness, physical illness, and the bodily changes, pain, and healing that come with those lived experiences.

Eventually navigating the space of a shared body in love and sex, to a homecoming of a gender diverse body set free from the expectations of womanhood, or gender at all. A love letter to myself, and all those who have loved me into my now, this is an assemblage of poetry, prose, self portraiture, theory, and language, in which I lay my heart bare. 

Some of my parts is a book about embodiment, transition, gender diversity, sexuality, and growing up in a body that changes, fails, and grows. 

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